Powerful Hybrid Blockchain Platform Ready for Enterprise Migration

Published on March 23, 2021

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Is Dragonchain to blockchain what Squarespace is to websites?

No, I would say it’s not just about the ease. The ease is something that’s just there, but I guess it would be more like the AWS of blockchain. Where the intent is to be primarily flexible. That there are some things that aren’t necessarily user-friendly because you have to write code, but the fact is that if you come in today into blockchain, you don’t know you know if your normal business person. Which platform do I use? Do I use Ethereum, do I use NEO, do I use you know Bitcoin itself. Do I write everything myself?

What if the Ethereum blockchain breaks?

What we want people to understand is that if you come in and use Dragonchain, that you can use those other networks. Because there are some features of all of these other platforms and of the utility blockchains, that you might want to use. And you might know today that you want to use them, or you might not. And what we offer is the ability to say guess what if Ethereum totally breaks because of some unknown thing today and it breaks next month.

Future-proof Flexibility for Enterprises.

You can still pivot even if you’re using Dragonchain with Ethereum, you can still pivot to Ethereum Classic or you pivot to NEO, or you can pivot to something else. If aliens land tomorrow and they break quantum or they break Bitcoin, we can still find value as long as our quantum-proof technology, and/or staking tech or you know something else, basically, the point is we don’t and nobody knows what’s gonna happen in one, five or ten years. So the entire architecture of what we’ve built is around the fact that any business or enterprise is going to need to have flexibility. They won’t build on platforms that aren’t able to shift with whatever the next need is.

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Hybrid Blockchain Examples

Hybrid Blockchain Examples, Powerful Hybrid Blockchain Platform Ready for Enterprise Migration.

Are You Prepared To Offer Your Business

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8 Steps To Destroying Your Internet Business

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