Private or Public blockchain?

Published on April 15, 2021

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In today’s episode Orsi Parkanyi from Oslo Blockchain Cluster is talking with Stephan Nilsson, Founder and CEO of UNISOT about the benefits of bc technology for companies, and what makes a private and public blockchain.

Today, we cover questions such as : Which benefits does Blockchain technology provide for companies and industries when it comes to costs and revenue? How can companies provide more accurate and instant information regarding their products? What does the company have to give up? What are the costs? Time? Expertise? What is the difference between private vs public Blockchain?

Stephan is a technical engineer with over 30 years of international experience. He has worked as an integration architect for 20 years, developing ERP Supply chain integrations; with a particularly good knowledge of the world’s largest ERP system, SAP. He studied Blockchain at the University of Nicosia (Nikoozia) and between 2014 and 2019 he started and led the Blockchain technology initiative at E&Y Skye. His knowledge and special technical skills made him clearly see the potential for open blockchain technology for the supply chain industry and its challenges, which led him to establish several companies. Stephan has a large international network and is known as a passionate speaker and communicator of advanced technology.

How Are Private And Public Blockchains Different

How Are Private And Public Blockchains Different, Private or Public blockchain?.

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Private or Public blockchain?, Watch new full videos about How Are Private And Public Blockchains Different.

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