Q&A: Blockchain: Hope or Hype? – John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi

Published on August 24, 2021

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How are big decisions made in a blockchain environment if large amounts of capital are in the balance? How to solve the problem of single keys in cryptocurrencies? John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi answer audience questions.
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This event was jointly organised by the Ri and Embassy of France.

John Domingue is the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University and the President of STI International, a semantics focused networking organization. He has published over 250 refereed articles (h-index 50) in the areas of semantics, the Web, and eLearning. His current work focuses on how blockchains (which underpins Bitcoin) can enhance educational value ecosystems and its relationship to Linked Data. He currently serves as Theme Leader for the UK’s National Institute of Coding; the OU representative to W3C; the Chair of the Steering Committee for the ESWC Conference Series, and on the Applied Ontology Journal and Journal of British Blockchain Association’s editorial boards. From January 2015 to January 2018 he served as the Project Coordinator for the European Data Science Academy which aimed to address the skills gap in data science across Europe.

Sajida Zouarhi is an Engineer and works as a Blockchain Architect at Consensys. She is also a Computer Science researcher and worked with a major Telecommunications Operator (Orange) during her PhD thesis in Grenoble about private data transmission over communication channels on complex systems. She is President of the eHealth and BlockchTain Think Tank and a technical advisor on the board of several Blockchain projects. As the founder of the Kidner Project, she collaborated with WHO to help prevent Kidney Trafficking using Blockchain technology. She is an international Hackathon Mentor and a hackathon organizer with the Blockfest that she co-founded in 2016 in France.

These talks and Q&A were filmed in the Ri on 24 September 2018.

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Public Blockchains Are Governed By Communities. False True

Public Blockchains Are Governed By Communities. False True, Q&A: Blockchain: Hope or Hype? – John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi.

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Q&A: Blockchain: Hope or Hype? – John Domingue & Sajida Zouarhi, Enjoy trending replays related to Public Blockchains Are Governed By Communities. False True.

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