Secure & private distributed ledgers; 'saviour and saved' with ZKPs

Published on November 19, 2021

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Zero-knowledge proofs, or ZKPs, are a cryptographic technique that, when applied to blockchains, can make them ultra-private and scalable.

Here, in his recent talk from the ZKProof 2020 conference, Markus Kohlweiss from IO Research/University of Edinburgh’s Blockchain Technology Laboratory examines the topic of SNARKS and asks “How can Zero-Knowledge proofs be both ‘saviour and saved’ when it comes to the distributed ledger?” He examines both the synergies and apparent contradictions between privacy and public ledgers, that emerge when looked at through a zero-knowledge lens.

New cryptographic approaches to address data security concerns have been a growing and significant area for IO’s research division. We have produced more than 60 peer-reviewed academic papers, which have become an open-source, patent-free resource for everyone. Five of these papers relate to zero-knowledge proofs and their global application.

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Are Private Blockchains Secure

Are Private Blockchains Secure, Secure & private distributed ledgers; 'saviour and saved' with ZKPs.

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Secure & private distributed ledgers; 'saviour and saved' with ZKPs, Watch most shared explained videos about Are Private Blockchains Secure.

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