Should a "city token" be on a public or private blockchain?

Published on October 9, 2021

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In a follow up to last week’s post about how a town could use blockchain to provide tokens for services, here I look into how you can analyze which kind of blockchain to use, and what the top-level issues are that you need to consider.

An open permissionless blockchain probably doesn’t make sense for a city council. But there’s no need to have a fully restricted permissioned private blockchain either.

Because of this you can use a semi-permissioned open blockchain, where only block addition is limited to the city authorities. This removed the need for expensive “proof of work” mining, and still keeps the level of personal ownership of tokens high.

How Do Private Blockchains Work

How Do Private Blockchains Work, Should a "city token" be on a public or private blockchain?.

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Should a "city token" be on a public or private blockchain?, Watch popular explained videos relevant with How Do Private Blockchains Work.

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