Stop using banks and start using crypto! But how Private is it?

Published on November 4, 2021

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If we want to take back our financial power, we need to stop using things like banks and credit cards, and start using cryptocurrency. Private online transactions are difficult, and so people are increasingly using privacy coins. But if you want to use non privacy coins like bitcoin and bitcoin cash, tools like coinjoin are great privacy layer that you should add.

In a previous episode I explained how you can use coinjoin with wasabi wallet for btc and electron cash wallet for bch:

But unless you’re careful when spending your newly mixed coins, you can undo the privacy that you’ve just created.

The new tool “CashFusion” might make this easier though, and developer Mark Lundeberg walks me through how it works.

It’s not enough to just rail against government and companies stealing our data and spying on us: We need to use the tools already around us that are helping to give us back our privacy. Showing our support also encourages other companies to work on solutions in this current surveillance age. CoinFusion will launch soon, and I can’t wait to check it out!

Recommended Books:

Permanent Record – Edward Snowden

What has the government done to our money – Rothbard

Naomi’s Privacy Bag: some of my favorite products to help protect your privacy!

Use the Brave browser!

USB-C to ethernet adapter:

Lightening to ethernet adapter:

Faraday bag wallet (signal stopping, to protect your fob, credit card, and phone)

Data Blocker (if you’re charging your phone in an unknown port, use this so that no data is transferred)

Computer privacy screen (use your computer in public? Keep your information safe!)

Phone privacy screen (don’t let people in public see your private data)

Camera cover (for computers and phones, so no one can access your camera without you knowing)

Privacy Tip: Don’t use wifi, and if you must, append the tag ‘_nomap’ or ‘_optout’ to your SSID to stop other websites tracking your location.

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Which Banks Use Blockchain

Which Banks Use Blockchain, Stop using banks and start using crypto! But how Private is it?.

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Stop using banks and start using crypto! But how Private is it?, Enjoy popular reviews relevant with Which Banks Use Blockchain.

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