The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast

Published on June 21, 2021

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are becoming more and more mainstream by the minute. Today’s episode is an interview that I did on the podcast “Next with Novo” hosted by Mike Novogratz. Recorded only a few days after the Gamestop/Reddit event that shook Wall Street, we chatted about where we are as a society right now, focusing on how to make sense of the rapid changes occurring in the different corners of culture. We dive into our hot takes on everything from Crypto to Paris Hilton, trading cards, college, social media regulation, the stock market, and lots more. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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0:00 Introduction
2:32 Robinhood & Wallstreetbets
10:30 Accountability for your own decisions
15:50 NFTs and the Blockchain
20:09 Cryptocurrency and education around it
26:00 Overrated or Underrated

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Public Blockchain List

Public Blockchain List, The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast.

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The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast, Play popular replays about Public Blockchain List.

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