The Role of Blockchain in Private 5G Operators Realization

Published on June 24, 2021

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A presentation at the Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group by Madhusanka Liyanage, Dr.Sc.Assistant Professor at University College Dublin discussing the role of blockchain in private 5G operators realization. A set of blockchain-based modularized functions such as service rating systems, bidding techniques, selection functions, can be used to deploy different services on private 5G networks. The exploitation of blockchain technology ensures availability, non-reliance on trusted third parties, secure transfer payments and to gain many more advantages in the context of private 5G networks.

More about the Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group is at:

Why Private Blockchain

Why Private Blockchain, The Role of Blockchain in Private 5G Operators Realization.

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The Role of Blockchain in Private 5G Operators Realization, Find interesting replays about Why Private Blockchain.

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