Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs

Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs

This blog article will discuss some of the top-rated virtual worlds in terms of how much real estate they have and what type of properties are available. We will also examine how easy it is to obtain land.

We will then provide a list of virtual worlds that offer land for sale, but only after considering factors like prices, location, and its relation to other parts of the world.

In a decentralized virtual world, the Metaverse allows users to retain ownership of their data and other digital assets. It has its native coin, also named ETP, and is powered by blockchain technology known as ETP.

Metaverse is one of the most well-known and widely used virtual worlds that offers land NFTs. In the universe of the Metaverse, non-fungible lands (Land NFTs) are digital assets that reflect ownership of individual plots of land. On the Metaverse marketplace, they can be purchased, sold, or swapped with one another.

Users can establish and administer their own land NFTs with the assistance of a range of tools and services developed by the Metaverse team.

If you are looking for the best virtual worlds for producing Metaverse games, The following are some of the best!

Somnium Space

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open-source community powered by blockchain technology and allows users to acquire virtual land on which they can construct virtual reality (VR) homes and other buildings.

The residents of this area are solely responsible for forming this ecosystem. Additionally, the launch of Somnium 2.0 pushed the project one step closer to being a genuine Game Player One virtual experience.

Somnium 2.0 provides services to all its users within a single gigantic room, in contrast to the previous multiplayer games found in Somnium Space, which are segmented into sub-servers and rooms mirrored from one another.

Consequently, gamers can purchase virtual land and construct anything they choose.

In the case of astute customers, the prospects are virtually limitless, just like the rewards, which include a restaurant, an art gallery, and a house. In addition, you can use your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to access Somnium Space whenever you like.

The Cryptokitties virtual world allows players to collect cats, which they can breed, lend and trade using smart contracts. Each cat is unique in its own right and has a unique history of its life.

Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity

This virtual world offers a combination of blockchain technology and a gaming platform, which allows users to play the role of pet owners without having to go through the hassles associated with real pets.

The gameplay centers on battles in an online arena. Once you buy a pet, you can breed it or exchange it for other pets using smart contracts. To ensure your pet reaches its prime, you can donate specific in-game items.

Other in-game items can also be used to upgrade your pets’ stats. Just like Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity is a low-barrier-to-entry VR game that is ideal for players who love the thrill of collecting and breeding rare creatures.

Worldwide Webb:

Worldwide Webb

The Worldwide Web is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that allows hundreds of thousands of users to explore a single virtual world. The world is populated with thousands of warriors, and it is up to you to become one of the greatest battle royale players ever.

There are millions of warriors belonging to different races, classes, and professions scattered throughout the globe. Before you get into the game and start racing against other players, you have to create a character that must be unique in its own right.

Open Sea:

Open Sea

Open Sea is an open-source virtual reality (VR) platform that was launched in November 2017. Players can use it to explore the vast ocean alongside dolphins and whales, with each animal being a unique character with its personality.

The sea world is full of danger and adventure, which you can enjoy by playing different quests on the Open Sea platform. In addition, players can join communities known as factions, which offer varied challenges such as exploration or seafaring.


If you like VR gaming and want to own a beautiful city in the latest, high-end virtual reality headset (Oculus Rift), Substrata is what you need to play.

The city of Dion offers everything a resident could ever desire, but dangers are lurking in every corner. Players are assigned the Overseer role, who uses special abilities to protect Dion from invaders and other attacks by controlling this digital world’s physical and digital aspects.

More than 200,000 players have registered for World of Dank, and many have set up their towns to live out the role of an influential overseer. You can create your town or purchase a prebuilt castle from one of the available options.



Crypto-Verse is a virtual world where you can play games like Beatminer, Vertex, and CryptoKitties in virtual reality (VR). It’s much better than the other two.

These games are all about digital collectibles or metadata (NFTs). Crypto-Verse features an all-encompassing trading platform for digital assets through which you can purchase and sell items without intermediaries.

The Crypto-Verse is a virtual environment powered by the blockchain and contains land that can be owned in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Although it is still in the process of being developed, there is already a prototype that is operational that you can test out.

Private land, which certain users hold, and public land, which the developers own, are the two categories that make up the terrain in Crypto-Verse. Private land can be accessed through the user interface.

Within Crypto-Verse, one can make money through a variety of various means. You can participate in the virtual world’s administration, rent out your land to other users for their projects, or purchase and sell products in the virtual world’s marketplace.

However, the most effective method for making money is to construct your projects and services on your land and then charge other people for access to those projects and services.

Crypto-Verse is one of the most interesting and potentially useful metaverses currently being developed. It is constantly evolving and has a robust community in terms of developers and users. It is highly recommended that you look into Crypto-Verse if you are interested in owning your very own piece of virtual real estate.

Worlds of NFT:

Worlds of NFT

This is the ultimate Metaverse of non-fungible tokens. These are some of the most popular virtual reality (VR) games in the market, offering players a unique gaming experience.

The five NFT games in this Metaverse are Crypto Kitties, The Stakers, Substratum, Cryptokitties, and OpenSea. Players can also create their worlds and communities within these games and earn digital currency by developing businesses or services.


This is a popular digital collectible game that involves the trading of Crypto-Kitties. Players can buy and sell these unique cats on platforms such as the online marketplace, Crypto Kitties Market, or from individuals selling their cats. The cats are created using a proprietary smart contract, which ensures that you own a piece of digital art instead of actual physical artwork.

Cryptokitties are unique in their design and concept, and the game has enjoyed widespread popularity. The platform recently released a new Kitty Kingdom feature, allowing players to create cities and thrive in CryptoKitties.

TCG World:

TCG World is a trading platform for digital assets and collectibles. It is a metaverse where users can easily and securely trade any digital token or crypto asset in the world. Users can also store, sell and manage virtual assets on the platform using a secure, encrypted wallet.

You will first have to create an account to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), or any other coin that is supported by the site. Once you have created your account, you can deposit funds into your wallet from a supported exchange or a credit or debit card.

The platform also has a built-in messaging system that allows users to communicate with one another in real-time and trade with others. In addition, users can also create their ERC-20 compatible tokens on the platform through the tools provided by TCG World.


Spatial is a virtual reality real estate platform that allows you to purchase and sell virtual properties, known as spatial (Spatials).

Spatial is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a property ownership system that is embedded in the Spatial platform. While the community members hold some properties, others are owned by Spatial.

The platform offers users several opportunities to earn tokens through crowdsourcing, social media, and selling skills. In the early days of the metaverse universe, Spatial was one of the earliest initiatives to focus on the workplace.

The technology makes it easy to navigate fully 3D avatars while traveling around virtual environments. However, the most well-known application for it is a place perfect for exhibiting and hosting NFTs. To sharpen its focus on NFT, Spatial is expanding its network of collaborators.


The Metaverse is a universe that provides access to virtual worlds and experiences that are not tied to technological limitations. It allows users to engage in multiple activities through an easy-to-use interface.

The Metaverse is a revolutionary concept that has yet to take off. Still, it is growing at a great pace, fueled by the expertise and experience of the developers behind the project.

The key to the Metaverse is the ability to create unique and individualistic experiences. Its creators are working on several smart contract-based projects that allow users to own virtual land and make money from it.

While many different virtual reality platforms have been created for gamers, the Metaverse stands out as its unique environment. It allows users to create their content and developments in terms of life points and acres.

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