Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Opportunities

Top 10 Crypto Airdrop Opportunities

Crypto Airdrop is a way to get free tokens from various crypto projects. They are also an opportunity for projects to raise awareness about their ICO and gather early support. This post will list the top 10 Crypto Airdrop opportunities for 2018 based on popularity and current market cap. 

Using crypto airdrops enables projects to distribute tokens fairly and equitably among early adopters of their respective platforms. Some of the more well-known protocol airdrops, like Uniswap, Rarible, dYdX, ENS, and 1inch, have proven to be quite lucrative for their early adopters. These airdrops are excellent examples of how participants can be rewarded for their involvement in cryptocurrency.

It is not worth your time to interact with these protocols unless we specifically lead you in the direction of verified airdrops; however, it may be worthwhile to do so to boost your chances of being eligible for potential airdrops.

It is important to note that we differentiate between confirmed airdrops and those that could happen by using the phrases and potential criteria. In addition, it is only partially evident what the team working on the projects has in mind; all we can do is hypothesize based on the applications for each project.

Additionally, it is essential to emphasize that in the case of possible airdrops, there is no assurance that they will carry out an airdrop for the early users of the platform. This is an essential point to emphasize.

Evidence of an airdrop could be in the form of statements made by the team on social media, an update to their whitepaper, or even announcements from exchanges that support the token. An unequivocal declaration will always beat an ambiguous one.

We have also decided to provide insight into some projects that are in development and have no current market value because they are still in their early phases. We realize that everyone wants to get involved with ICOs that have already gone up multiple times in price.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is celebrating the success of its presale, during which it raised approximately $7 million from late October till now, and the company wants to give back to its investors.

This cryptocurrency analytics platform and signals supplier is currently holding a presale for its D2T tokens and is allowing one lucky participant to win D2T tokens to the value of $150,000. The only thing investors need to do to win those coins is to own a minimum of $150 worth of D2T tokens at the time the draw takes place.

When this article was written, there were approximately 18,000 entries in the sweepstakes. The event will come to a close on February 19, and participants can earn entries by completing a variety of different tasks.

In addition, investors can enhance the number of entries they receive by completing a series of tasks. Tweeting about Dash 2 Trade, for instance, counts as one entry, and investors can do so to increase their chances of winning.

There are ten different ways to win, and joining the Discord group will earn you one entry toward the giveaway.

The competition is accurately tracked by’s transparent platform, which is used by the finest crypto airdrops and many businesses. is the platform that is hosting the giveaway to assure transparency.

Nevertheless, Dash 2 Trade provides investors with additional advantages.

Cryptocurrency traders can benefit from using Dash 2 Trade because it provides them with trade settings and makes it possible for them to use the platform’s features to improve their trading techniques. Investors can use social on-chain insights to evaluate market sentiment, resulting in considerable price action. These insights can be used in addition to buy and sell signals.

Investors can use the presale and ICO features of Dash 2 Trade to increase their chances of participating in more airdrops and giveaways. It then tells investors about coins published on new exchanges and manually evaluates crypto presales to assess whether or not they are legitimate.

Traders can construct trading strategies and put those strategies to the test using the backtesting tool to identify which trading methods are the most profitable. According to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, the platform also offers powerful technical indicators and on-chain analytics to track the movements of whale wallets.

By subscribing to the Telegram channel, investors will be able to receive additional information regarding the Dash 2 Trade giveaway.

Tokens for the D2T platform are now being offered in a presale that is taking place in the third stage. Considering how quickly the first and second stages were able to sell out, prospective investors who want a shot at winning $150,000 worth of tokens should purchase their tokens as soon as possible.


The IMPT project is a crypto-currency initiative connecting investors and companies serious about making a positive contribution to the environment with one another.

The second stage of the presale for the IMPT cryptocurrency is currently underway, and to encourage investors to participate, the platform is distributing a total of $100,000 in free tokens. Investors who purchase IMPT tokens worth $100 and keep them in their wallets at the time of the draw are entered into a draw for a chance to win the grand prize.

That counts as one entry, but investors can increase their total number of entries by achieving specified goals. When investors sign up for the IMPT Discord group, they automatically earn 10 entries. One entry will be given to each person who visits IMPT’s Instagram page.

Nine distinct avenues are available to investors to expand their entry, each of which involves performing easy social media activities. As of this writing, there have been more than 60,000 submissions for the offer, which is scheduled to finish on April 18.

Investing in IMPT tokens also allows investors to contribute to environmental concerns.

Once the tokens are turned into carbon credits, investors who own the tokens can destroy them to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Alternatively, investors with carbon credits can have those carbon credits coined into NFTs, which can then be held as investments.

On the IMPT Telegram channel, you can get more details regarding both the gift and the project.

IMPT also gives investors tokens as a reward for purchasing with pre-approved retail partners known to donate to causes that are sensitive to the environment. According to the whitepaper published by IMPT, the platform also supports a social element that allows users to track their carbon footprint and earn points when lowering it.


Calvaria is a brand-new pay-to-play video game that stands out from other projects in several important respects. One of the ways it does this is by providing two different reward tokens, denoted $eRIA and $RIA.

Currently, the RIA tokens are speeding through their presale, having already sold roughly $2 million worth of tokens. The project is currently offering early investors a chance to win $100,000.

This giveaway is very much like the prior two that were held.

For those investors who want a shot at the $100,000 prize, the minimum amount of RIA tokens they need to possess at the time of the draw is $100. also serves as the project’s giveaway host to guarantee that all participants will be provided with transparency and comprehensive disclosure.

There have been approximately 160,000 submissions into the draw since this article was written, and the drawing will take place on December 20.

The reward pool will give $70,000 to the person who comes in the first place. The person who comes in second will receive $20,000, while the one who comes in third will get $10,000. Subscribe to the Calvaria Telegram channel to maintain your level of awareness and preparedness.

Calvaria has allowed investors to earn significant multiple entries by doing basic social media chores. For instance, investors can get 25 entries into the giveaway by tweeting with the hashtag #calavariagang, and a daily retweet also earns 25 entries. Participants can double their entries by completing up to ten different assignments.

Investors who possess Calvaria cryptocurrency not only have a chance to win but also receive incentives for winning tournaments by deploying combinations of cards with different strengths. According to the whitepaper for Calvaria, players can utilize tokens to purchase higher-level cards by merging existing cards of the same power.

Both currencies have no sales tax attached and can be used to purchase in-game items and resources. RIA tokens allow investors to administer the platform by overseeing its operations and ensuring they run smoothly. Voting is another way for investors to have a say in the platform’s future.


Tamadoge is a platform for peer-to-peer transactions, and its native token, TAMA, is the fuel that drives the ecosystem. TAMA tokens are required to purchase, sell, or trade Tamadoge pets, which are dog-like virtual characters developed as NFTs. Tamadoge pets may be found here. Within the Tamadoge market, these NFTs are available at your discretion.

Players can compete with their virtual pets in group activities to win TAMA awards. The presale of this cryptocurrency brought in more than $19 million, making it one of the most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies of 2022.

The listing of TAMA tokens on CEX, which was also one of the year’s most significant events, resulted in the currency seeing gains of about 2,000% compared to its early presale price.

In addition, Tamadoge is the presenter of some of the most prestigious cryptocurrency giveaways.

There is also a crypto prize worth $100,000; to enter, participants must complete a series of challenges. To participate in the competition, investors need to have a minimum of $100 worth of TAMA in their accounts at entry. As a result, numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in trading favor the Tamadoge project as a superior alternative to the top cryptocurrency faucets.

There are a few different ways to get in. For example, investors can complete a task or multiple tasks on Twitter. This can be accomplished by following the project’s blog for one entry or tweeting about Tamadoge. The entry count increases to five when Elon Musk is tagged. Participating in the competition can also be accomplished in various ways, one of which is by simply joining Tamadoge on either Telegram or Discord.

Investors also have the opportunity to participate by going to the project’s page on Instagram or YouTube. If you tell your friends about the tournament, Tamadoge will give you five additional entries. The best thing is that it is feasible to finish all the activities, giving you 17 entries to submit.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity mixes several gameplay components, including the metaverse, the marketplace, the staking platform, and pay-to-win and free-to-play game mechanisms. IBAT is the coin that serves as the driving force behind this ecosystem.

Players on this P2E platform can earn cryptocurrency through the skillful play of other players, and the site also provides a venue for social engagement. Battle Infinity has attracted a lot of interest thanks to the fact that it is both immersive and diversified in nature. This makes it one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2022.

The ecosystem that is Battle Infinity is made up of five distinct parts that work together to form the whole. The IBAT Premier League is a player-versus-everyone (P2E) fantasy sports game. The Indian Premier League, a tremendously popular cricket franchise, will be the inspiration for the first release.

Lucky Block

The Lucky Block project is an innovative endeavor that centers around several tournaments based on NFTs. The native coin of this network, BLOCK, had a successful presale and was completely purchased before the main event. The NFT that applies to each competition that Lucky Block runs is always different.

For example, in one competition held in the style of an airdrop containing $1 million worth of Bitcoin, investors had the option of purchasing a particular BTC1M NFT to be included in the draw. When all of the competition-specific NFTs have been purchased, a draw will take place, and the tokens will be given to the person who is randomly selected as the winner.

Competition Even after the draw, NFT holders will continue to receive regular BLOCK rewards, which will appeal to anyone interested in earning free cryptocurrency. In addition, Lucky Block has produced a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs, of which only 25 are deemed exceptional.

Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token

A basic Attention Token is a new cryptocurrency asset designed by the developer of Javascript specifically for the digital advertising industry. Advertisers can reach a more specific audience with their advertising, publishers can get paid for the material they provide, and users can get rewarded for their attention.

At the time of this writing, this is one of the top crypto airdrops for individuals interested in receiving free tokens that may be put to use in various settings. 188 nations, more than 400 marketers, and around one million participants approve or include BAT as an option.

The latter category comprises several well-known cryptocurrency brands, including, BlockFi, eToro, BitPay, and others.

The users of Basic Attention Token are entitled to earn seventy percent of the ad revenue generated by the company. Downloading the Brave web browser, selecting the checkbox to “allow Brave Ads,” and activating the notification system are the steps users need to take to earn free BAT tokens while surfing the web.

Users can claim a token BAT once every month on a first-come, first-served basis. Claiming crypto token rewards ranging from 25 to 40 BAT is required.

When this article was written, the fully diluted market value of Basic Attention Token was greater than $540 million.



A native type of decentralized finance for Bitcoin is made available by a blockchain platform known as DeFiChain. It was founded to offer monetary services comparable to conventional financial institutions. Borrowing, lending, saving, and investing are all considered to fall under this category.

The fact that DeFiChain is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain is one of the most significant ways in which it differentiates itself from a banking network. The distributed network of machines that the software platform runs on is supported by a network designed to make transactions more transparent while increasing their speed.

Copium Protocol

Copium Protocol

The Copium Protocol is an ecosystem that incorporates bitcoin mining in a decentralized manner. The mining of copium serves as the inspiration for this idea. This enterprise is a bitcoin mining operation that is registered in New Zealand. The Copium Investor Pass, its native cryptocurrency, the Copium Coin, and the Mining and Staking aspects comprise the ecosystem’s four pillars.

The Investor Pass for the Copium Protocol is implemented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum network. One of the most exciting free cryptocurrency airdrops of the year has created 10,000 of them. In addition, each newly created Investor Pass is automatically entered into a prize draw for a chance to win one of two Bitcoin giveaways.

Holders of Investor Passes will also be eligible for a one-time airdrop of Copium Coins, which will be made available through a transaction that only involves gas. Any person who has purchased an Investor Pass will receive 10,000 Copium Coins during this airdrop.



Trading can be done via the Morpher platform, which provides access to various markets. Morpher users can trade an infinite number of assets because there are no fees and an unlimited supply of liquidity. Additionally, at the time of this writing, the platform provided users with a free crypto airdrop in MPH.

Investors in digital currencies, stocks, and commodities can take advantage of one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency airdrops provided by the Morpher trading platform. For an investor to qualify, they need to make an account at Morpher, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and finish the KYC procedure.

After the investor has completed these steps, the site will deposit 100 MPH into their wallet via an airdrop. The symbol MPH denotes this platform’s in-house money. As a result, the tokens awarded to participants as a part of an airdrop can be used as an investment in the participant’s preferred market, such as Bitcoin, Amazon, or even commodities such as gold.

Investors who bring in new users for Morpher can earn an additional 50 MPH for each successful referral. At present, Morpher’s fully diluted market capitalization is greater than $17 million.


At present, there is plenty of options for people who are interested in creating their cryptocurrency portfolio. Starting a wallet, creating an account, and verifying an email address is time-consuming, but it is a necessary process.

Once this has been accomplished and verified, the best way to fund a wallet is through purchasing Bitcoin and keeping it in that wallet until the free crypto airdrops come around. The list provided above includes some of the top cryptocurrency airdrops!

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