Top 10 Most Popular Avatar PFP NFT Collections

Top 10 Most Popular Avatar PFP NFT Collections

Most Cryptokitties enthusiasts buy, sell, and trade these little digital kittens. But what other tokenized life forms are out there? For your consideration (and ours), we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular Avatar PFP NFT Collections.

PFP is an abbreviation for “photo-of-proof,” also known as a “profile picture.” PFP NFT collections, represented by CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), have dominated the main auction houses from the end of 2020 until the middle of 2021. PFP NFTs undermine businesses’ conventional logic by changing how people consume art and culture.

Such trends are unstoppable. The execution of a profitable PFP project calls for careful strategic planning, covering areas such as marketing, community building, the design of a business model, and technical assistance, amongst other things. Seeing how much creativity these projects have brought to the blockchain ecosystem is great.

This post will provide a rundown of the most recent top 10 PFP NFT collections in terms of popularity, and we will share those collections with you. The numerical data had yet to be recorded when this article was produced.

Meanwhile, you can use DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker to manage your NFT assets and the NFT Explorer tool to explore a wide range of the most up-to-date information about the NFT market. B

Bored Ape Yacht Club:

Bored Ape Yacht Club

With a current market cap of $953.05 million, BAYC is first among all PFP NFT collections. The undertaking has established a private club for members only, a hip gaming brand, a thriving business empire, a significant cultural symbol, or anything else the community believes it should be.

As a result of BAYC’s standing as a superstar in the PFP NFT sphere has become the virtual world’s equivalent of the Lamborghini when it comes to boasting about one’s social status. It should not be surprising that many prominent celebrities are becoming customers.

The most recent version of the name list of celebrities who have “aped in” includes the names of NBA players Stephen Curry and Jimmy Fallon, music superstars Eminem and Justin Bieber, and billionaire Mark Cuban.

In 2022, BAYC accomplished several important goals, one of which was the release of ApeCoin as a community reward and governance token. In addition, BAYC has made available the long-awaited Metaverse project Otherside in conjunction with selling its Metaverse territories, known as Otherdeeds.

Notable is the fact that this PFP avatar with the highest price tag has reached an all-time volume of $2.17 billion.



At a current market value of $665.27 million, the PFP NFT collection of CryptoPunks has become the number-one seller of photos on Bitmain’s open market. The CryptoPunks project was founded by an anonymous person nicknamed the “CEO” because of his substantial influence and achievement, which is why Cosmos Capital has placed him as its first “unicorn” in the blockchain space.

CryptoPunks is also known for its community projects (such as MyPEPS). Yuga Labs, the parent business of the BAYC and the firm that developed it, acquired the CryptoPunks IP public knowledge on March 11, 2022.

A new paradigm for avatar collecting was initiated by CryptoPunks, which was the first-ever PFP project and had a market cap of 819.89 million dollars at the moment.

CryptoPunks, which Larva Labs released in June of 2017, was the spark that started the NFT mania in late 2020. In the past, the most impressive entries in the PFP contest were those with pixelated profile photographs. However, for the first time, BAYC outperformed it in December 2021.

Although BAYC is currently in the lead for the floor price (73 ETH, which is equivalent to $95,000), CryptoPunks is still in the lead with an all-time trading volume of $2.93 billion.

Most significantly, the teaching about digital ownership that CryptoPunks has provided to the general public has left an indelible mark. Check out the links below to get a clearer picture of the value of CryptoPunks.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) is a derivative project that BAYC developed. It now has a market worth of $351.67 million. One of the Bored Apes was given a bottle of Mutant Serum, which resulted in the creation of the Mutant Apes.

By doing so, BAYC provided their most devoted Bored Ape holders with a brand-new NFT, a mutated version of their primates. In addition, it made it easier for newcomers to join the BAYC ecosystem by lowering the restrictions that previously stood in their way.

By a significant margin, the most expensive NFT in the collection is the Mutant Ape #4849. This Mutant Ape with black horns and a long-toothed, bloody face was purchased for 350 ETH. The collection has an all-time volume of $1.51 billion and a floor price now set at $18,080.


In virtual street fashion, CloneX is a model that stands out as particularly notable. RTKFT Studios, the company that developed CloneX, has made rapid strides toward the top of the virtual streetwear and shoe markets.

The next-generation collectibles company RTFKT was recognized by NIKE Inc. in December 2021 for its cutting-edge innovation to integrate culture and gaming, which led to the company’s acquisition. NIKE Inc. has an aim for the Metaverse.

This highly-anticipated PFP initiative collaborated with one of the most well-known contemporary artists working today, Takashi Murakami, to jointly unveil the avatar collection in the previous year. The collection was undoubtedly purchased outright the moment it became available, even at the initial price of 3 ETH.


Moonbirds has recently made its debut on our Top 10 PFP NFT games list. It is a community of NFT collectors and artists known as PROOF Collective, and they have a collection of NFTs. This community is relatively wealthy and quite small. Within just two days of the official minting, these pixel birds established some incredible records, which is impressive.

Access to the unique resources offered by PROOF Collective is one of the most significant perks associated with holding Moonbird NFT. These resources were discussed before. Knowledge is more valuable than gold in a market like the NFT, where information is constantly shifting.

Moonbirds allows collectors to jump on the competition by providing access to the newest and potentially most promising NFT collections. Because of this anticipation, the value of Moonbirds has skyrocketed, with an average trading price that has surpassed 40 ETH in fewer than ten trading days.


Late in January this year, Azuki was in the driver’s seat regarding sales in the NFT sector. Within three minutes, all of the NFT characters with an anime aesthetic had been purchased, bringing in more than $29 million.

Azuki presents itself as a premium brand for the Metaverse, and its developers intend for the community to serve as the company’s primary focus in the coming years. The Garden is a section of the Azuki metaverse accessible only to members, and it is a place where art, culture, and community come together to create inspiration.

It should not come as a surprise that Azuki has been so successful. Azuki’s exceptional visual art is a testament to itself and speaks for itself. In addition, the expansion of anime culture worldwide in recent years has been a significant factor in bringing the project to the attention of a wider audience.

Azuki has been continuously expanding its ecosystem with various bonuses, although it is one of the most well-known blue-chip NFT series. This year, the project released many soundtracks, hosted a private garden party, and surprised all holders of Azuki tokens with an airdrop of more tokens.



CyberKongz is a collection that features 8,888 one-of-a-kind avatars generated randomly. In the CyberKongz ecosystem, there are two kinds of Kongz: OG Kongz (also known as Genesis Kongz) and Baby/Incubator Kongz.

It is important to note that CyberKongz is the first avatar project to correlate generating value with its PFP NFTs using a utility token called BANANA.

This distinction is noteworthy. Cyberkongz genesis owners can earn 10 bananas daily, every day, for the next ten years, for each Kong they own.

The CyberKongz team has been very involved in constructing their Metaverse. The project previously purchased lots in The Sandbox to construct a vast, multi-estate concrete jungle. They intend to organize gaming and social events within this concrete jungle that involve all CyberKongz NFTs and its BANANA coin.

CyberKongz announced that it was building a bridge to the Polygon Network on March 5, 2022. This was a significant step in developing its play-to-earn game, Play & Kollect. Almost immediately after that, CyberKong finally began the highly-anticipated game that had been hosted on Polygon.


Within the NFT community, Doodles’ NFT is a favorite. The Doodles NFT collection, released in October of last year, has been making its way up the rankings and has quickly become one of the most well-liked collections in the NFT business.

After all, who could reject adorable figures rendered in colors reminiscent of macarons? But the essential thing is that how the project prioritizes the community has won over the supporters’ hearts.

For instance, the Doodlebank, which serves as the community’s treasury, attempts to provide financial support for the items and activities selected by the community.

And only the people who own Doodles have the power to choose how the money should be spent on the company. Since the beginning of its operation, Doodle has worked closely with a wide variety of projects to provide its user base with an unparalleled experience.


Meebits are 20,000 3D voxel figures introduced to the public by Larva Labs in May 2021. These figures are supposed to resemble characters from popular open-world video games like Minecraft and Roblox. This project aims to integrate these NFT avatars into a wide range of applications, including but not limited to video games, virtual worlds, and other software.

The Meebits NFT collection became a part of the Yuga Labs family on March 11, alongside its sibling project CryptoPunks. At the moment, Meebits may be purchased for as little as 3.39 ETH, and it is widely held that they have a unique position inside the ecosystem of Yuga Lab.

Bored Ape Kennel Club

Bored Ape Kennel Club

The Bored Ape Kennel Club is a larger BAYC family collection member. It is made up of 9,602 non-functional toys depicting cartoon Shiba dogs. After the launch, every holder of a BAYC will be able to “adopt” a Kennel NFT for free to keep as a pet.

The fact that BAYC owners can sell their BAKCs for a premium on the secondary market is the most useful aspect of BAKCs at this time for BAKC owners. On the other hand, buyers find Kennel NFTs to be highly enticing as a pass for them to become a member of this elite club.

This is because BAYC has a distance threshold, which makes it difficult for new members to join. Kennels and the people who own them will have access to increasing perks as the Bored Ape metaverse continues to develop.


The future of NFTs is undoubtedly bright. The baby steps we are seeing in the industry today are a part of an escalating trend that will be seen for decades. This is why learning and understanding blockchain technology is critical, as it will enable us to build the future without taking shortcuts.

Cryptogs and CryptoKitties made a name for themselves by introducing the first generation of NFTs to millions worldwide. These companies are small compared to the future, but we already have plenty of fun and intriguing projects showing immense potential to become the next-generation NFTs.

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