UBIX.network – a blockchain ecosystem with 0.1% daily passive income for token holders

Published on March 30, 2021

Top updated videos highly rated Pubic Hair, Marketing Mistakes, Home E, Ezine Queen, and What Do Hybrid Blockchains Do, UBIX.network – a blockchain ecosystem with 0.1% daily passive income for token holders.

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UBIX.Network is a DAG/blockchain hybrid designed to integrate blockchains of various types of consensus into a single p2p network. Users can create their own blockchains of various types (including private ones), using them to service their business processes. At the same time, all created blockchains are in a single address space, in a common network, and can be integrated with each other without using any gateways.The interface is a super-app (Wechat-like architecture) built on a microservices, which allows various internal applications to be integrated with each other, providing users with the smooth use of various cryptoservices.

Why should I invest in UBIX.Network?

Here are some reasons:
– UBIX.Network is a DAG – A Directed Ayclic Graph, so it isn’t yet another ERC20.
– A DAG has many advantages.

The DAG model eliminates the blocks, and transactions are added directly to the blockchain. No blocks means no mining, which means less power is required to support the network. The DAG model is more efficient at storing data, similar to a tree structure, where more transactions can be validated at the same time.

  • We made our custom, hybrid DAG in NodeJS, first ever. Our GitHub shows 100 000+ lines of code made by a team of 22 in three years time.

  • Our mcap is still very low. Btw, CMC shows a huge max amount and huge dilluted mcap. However, this isn’t right since UBIX works with emission, like Ethereum.

  • UBIX.Network is a full eco system.
    It contains:
    • UBIX.Network (link) – Our main site
    • Ubikiri (link) – Our “super application” which contains our online wallet, social business network and our dapps. It is the heart of out network.
    • UBIX.Exchange (soon) – Our own, custom-made exchange.
    • SilentNotary (link) – A notary on the blockchain, our first hosted project.
    • UBIX.Wiki (link) – Best place to get familiar with our network.
    • ICO’s (link) – We currently have a dozen ICO’s that will be integrated into our network.

  • We have been working on our eco system for three years. So… you are dropping in at the best moment, because most is done and we are very much focused on marketing & real life adoption atm!

  • Summarized: UBIX.Network is unique, it is developed, has a tiny mcap, has a big non-anon team and we have been around for three years. We are focused and our team consist of hard workers that know what they are doing.
    Sounds good doesn’t it? You can buy UBX on KuCoin (or soon on UBIX.Exchange)!

UBX is the future of DeFi.

What Do Hybrid Blockchains Do


p style=”text-align: left;”>What Do Hybrid Blockchains Do, UBIX.network – a blockchain ecosystem with 0.1% daily passive income for token holders.

Leading 10 Client Service Tips

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UBIX.network – a blockchain ecosystem with 0.1% daily passive income for token holders, Find most shared reviews related to What Do Hybrid Blockchains Do.

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Suggestion: Look for directly defined niche markets where your services or product resolves a distinct need of the consumers. Focus your marketing on them instead of attempting to reach a broadly defined Public Blockchains basic market. You’ll generate more sales and take pleasure in a much better return on your advertising expenditure.

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