What Are Fan Tokens? Crypto Assets That Give Fans a Voice

What Are Fan Tokens_ Crypto Assets That Give Fans a Voice

Fan tokens are crypto assets that give fans a voice in the sports arena. These tokens are currently being used by different sports organizations, like the MLB and NBA, to incentivize fan engagement. Here you can learn about what this means for your own fandom experience and how it could change the future of sport in general.

This era of modernity and technology, which is in a state of perpetual change and development, is ushering in the introduction of brand-new and interesting platforms for consumers to participate in and engage with.

The application of the technology that enables a new kind of monetary transaction, known as cryptocurrency, is currently reaching unprecedented heights.

Several novel ideas are currently dominating the market that was unimaginable just a few years ago. One such idea is that of fan tokens, which have emerged as a significant point of interest, particularly among spectators of sporting events.

A glance into the year 2020 shows that every business and industry will have suffered enormous setbacks, but the performance of Bitcoin and the services associated with it will be remarkable.

Numerous organizations, particularly sports clubs, have become more innovative in their approaches to the generation of revenue and the acquisition of funds for their respective activities. Fan tokens were introduced by many sports teams as a novel method for fans to participate in sporting events using bitcoin.

What Are Fan Tokens?

What Are Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are a unique variety of cryptocurrencies that, once acquired, may be used to participate in a variety of fan-centric activities. These fan-related activities include voting on certain club choices, receiving special match ticket discounts, contributing to the design of clubs’ buses, and other such things.

These are just a few examples of the many different kinds of activities that could be made available to fans in exchange for fan tokens. Fans have already been able to take advantage of fan tokens for transactions such as voting for the name of a city’s new stadium.

The reasoning behind the use of fan tokens is that it gives the fans themselves a voice in the decision-making process, rather than having this privilege solely be the prerogative of a few club owners and executives. In light of this, fans are likely to be more invested in their team’s success and thus more likely to turn up to matches.

There is a clear distinction between fan tokens and other cryptocurrencies. The most important difference is that fan tokens are essentially exclusive to sports and cannot be used for any other purpose than the ones stated above.

Thus, it could be said that these fan tokens are more a form of loyalty program rather than an actual form of cryptocurrency. Fan tokens can only be acquired in exchange for real bitcoins, which means the club will not get involved with fiat money at all. Fan tokens can only be used by the fan that acquired them.

Why Fan Tokens? Benefits of Fan Tokens

Why Fan Tokens_ Benefits of Fan Tokens

Several benefits come with the use of fan tokens. The first and most obvious is the fact that fans will benefit from having a greater say in their teams’ affairs.

This is because fan tokens, as previously stated, will only be available for use with first-rate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It is also worth noting that several clubs have already begun to take advantage of this novel method, which shows that they too are at least somewhat interested in the benefits fan tokens offer.

Whether or not clubs will continue to make use of this innovation beyond their initial stint remains to be seen, but there is no denying that fan tokens provide a great deal of value and convenience to their respective fans.

With the use of fan tokens, the number of spectators at sports events is likely to significantly increase. This is because fan tokens are made available to fans at a reduced price.

Normally, people purchase tickets for sporting events at extremely inflated prices, and many people will have to make do with one or two tickets for most games. However, with the use of fan tokens, fans will be able to purchase more tickets and thus more frequently attend matches.

Finally, the data that is collected by the clubs will almost certainly have a significant impact on what they do next. Clubs collect data concerning attendees of matches, their preferences, and their behavior during matches.

In light of this, clubs learn how to optimize the customer experience and tailor it to the needs of their spectators. Furthermore, because these fan tokens are not for use for any other purpose than sporting events themselves, clubs gain an understanding of which fans are more loyal to them and more likely to become season ticket holders.

How do fan tokens work?

How do fan tokens work

Fan tokens can be acquired in three different ways. The first way to acquire these tokens is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Most exchanges will have fan tokens listed for sale, and a few sports clubs even have their exchange where fans can purchase fan tokens.

The second way to acquire these tokens is by participating in certain activities. For example, several teams offer a discount on match tickets for attending their games and purchasing merchandise, which could be converted into fan tokens if the individual were so inclined.

Finally, the third and most controversial way to acquire fan tokens is through their purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges. Many clubs have their exchange where they can sell fan tokens with fiat money. As we have previously stated, these tokens cannot be used anywhere else but as a means of participation in sporting events.

In recent times, teams interested in making use of this innovation have become more innovative in how they go about doing so. In many cases, teams will offer special bonuses to their fans for participating in various activities.

The fundamental premise is that an organization, such as a sports team, mints a large number of fungible tokens (as compared to non-fungible tokens, often known as NFTs), which it then either sells or distributes to speculators or fans of the organization.

These tokens are typically sold at retail on secondary markets, exactly like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which means that they are subject to the same market dynamics that govern such markets.

Holders of fan tokens typically receive limited governance privileges. For instance, holders of the fan token for Paris St. Germain are granted access to exclusive VIP experiences and allowed to vote on the cover of the fan edition of the soccer video game FIFA 22.

In addition, the supporters voted on a slogan that will be shown in the team’s locker room before a match in May of 2021: “Together, we have the power to, and together, we will! Let us take this one more step toward achieving glory and victory.”

Hackers have targeted fan tokens on multiple occasions in the past. Recently, a popular NFT for the Premier League club Arsenal was hacked and its value dropped from one bitcoin to only a few cents. The hacker claimed that he had obtained access to the contract and made off with 20 million fan tokens.

Types of fan tokens

Types of fan tokens

Multiple types of fan tokens have been introduced across a variety of industries. The most well-known kinds of tokens are those associated with various types of sports and music. Increasing fan involvement and earning cash are two goals that can be accomplished with this.


The video game industry has also made use of fan tokens to fuel interest in the games. “Fan Token” is a token that can be seen in several video games, like the famous game Fortnite Battle Royale.


Fan tokens have also appeared in the technology industry, with companies using them as incentives to attract customers. Startups have started to use fan tokens as incentives for their early adopters. The real case of blockchain and sport is brought by FAN token from Socios.io, a blockchain-based company for sports fans and eSports enthusiasts.


Fan tokens have also appeared in the music industry, with artists offering them as rewards for purchases of their music. This approach is used by artists like Taylor Swift and Adele. Fan tokens are used to get closer to fans, boost sales, and grow the fan base.

In the retail industry, there is a new way of using fan tokens in the form of loyalty points that can be redeemed for gift cards or discounts at participating retailers.


The English Premier League is the first to use fan tokens in this way, with a focus on digital engagement. This is a key strategy as they try to keep pace with the rest of Europe and reach beyond the market of their own UK borders.

Fan links:

Fan tokens can help connect fans in a way that has not previously been possible. For example, Bitcoin sportsbooks are some of the first companies that have started using fan tokens as betting links.


The idea of fan tokens includes the potential for sports teams to use them to help fight ticket fraud. Some sports teams have already made use of this capability.

The concept of “fan tokens” is still in its infancy, and only time will tell what role they will play in the future of sports spectating. It is certain, however, that they provide an opportunity for more and more fans to connect with their favorite teams, while also providing an interesting way for teams and fans alike to track fan engagement.


Fan tokens can also appear in films. One example is “The Darkest Minds,” which is currently in development as a movie. In this case, members of the press will receive fan tokens in exchange for early screenings and promotion of the film.

Fan Token Projects You Must Know

Fan Token Projects You Must Know

Santos FC Fan Token SANTOS:

This fan token was launched by Binance on behalf of a well-known Brazilian football club. The opportunity to participate in and the power to vote on a variety of team topics are two of the benefits that come with possessing this token.

Those who purchase this token are eligible for benefits like access to limited NFTs and incentives, as well as GameFi. As of the 25th of October 2022, it is currently trading for $12.59, and its market capitalization is at $57 million.

This fan token is partnered with the Boston Red Sox and it is offered through a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. The partnership provides fans with an opportunity to earn MLB team tokens, which can then be used for fan packages and a variety of different benefits. At the moment, this fan token is valued at $0.03, but its market capitalization is currently at $2.9 million.

Lazio Fan Token LAZIO

Binance should also be given credit for the successful launch of this cryptocurrency. FC Lazio has an impressive collection of trophies to its name, including two Italian championships, one UEFA Supercup, seven Italian cup championships, five Italian super cup championships, and one Italian Serie B title.

This cryptocurrency can be purchased for approximately $4.41 US Dollars, while the total market capitalization as of 25 October 2022 is $37.97 Million US Dollars.

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token ALPINE

On the Binance platform, the Alpine F1 Team Fan Token was made available for purchase. A fan who is a holder of an ALPINE can participate in exclusive fan-related activities and creators the right meet-ups and merchandise signings.

This token grants access to a restricted collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that carry incentives. A private fan meeting with the F1 team, officially signed objects by the F1 Team, and other one-of-a-kind opportunities are among the exclusive incentives. As of the 25th of October 2022, its price is $2.99, and its total market capitalization is $34.02 million.

FC Porto Fan Token PORTO

This cryptocurrency with its roots in Portugal is among the most recent tokens to be introduced to the market, but its community of supporters is among the most engaged.

Since it was established in 1893, FC Porto holds the title of being the nation’s oldest football club. As of 25 October 2022, the price of an FC Porto (PORTO) fan token is 4.2 United States dollars, and its market capitalization is 32 million dollars.

Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token PSG

The Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token was first introduced by Socios.com (PSG). The use of this token allows fans to weigh in on the objectives the team has set for the current season.

In addition to that, VIP access and official goods are both a part of the package. PSG token owners were given the option to cast their vote for the limited edition FIFA-22 PSG cover design.

Through the use of this platform, certain people who own this token were even able to receive video calls from first-team players.

Following the circulation of speculations regarding the possible recruitment of football player Lionel Messi by the club, the trading activity of the club’s token soared by more than 130% in just five days, as stated by the club. As of the 2nd of June 2022, one token is equivalent to $6.72 and has a market valuation of $25.83 million.

What is Socios?

What is Socios

Socios is a fan loyalty and rewards app that is enhancing the experience that sports fans have when watching their favorite teams. Its distribution of official fan tokens for various sports teams, team-related incentives, and exclusive experiences for users, in addition to its gamification features, serve as the foundation for its mission to assist individuals in elevating and monetizing their love.


Fan tokens are increasing in popularity and have shown the ability to drive revenues, increase engagement and heighten the fan experience. In essence, it was only a matter of time before this creative concept took root within the sports industry. As a direct result of this innovation, fans will benefit from having more control over their favorite sports teams, while also being provided with more opportunities to connect with teams and players.

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