What are hash functions? & how can they be used with blockchains?

Published on January 9, 2022

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0:00 Intro – In this video I explain what hash functions are…

…and then talk about some use cases where we can use them I combination with a blockchain.

0:22 Poor man’s patent intro

These use cases can be thought of as modern variants of the poor man’s patent which lets you time stamp a certain idea, or any document for that matter, by writing it out and mailing it to yourself.

We can achieve the same effect with hash functions and blockchains instead of envelopes and the post office.

0:48 Part 1 What is a hash function?

1:23 Demo of creating a hash from an image.
1:30 The hash changes with image
2:10 Could be used for any block of data
3:09 It’s like a one way valve
3:36 Collisions & plinko example

7:45 Hash functions give you a virtually unique identifier for a block of data.

8:05 Part 2 Use Cases With Blockchains

8:14 Modern version of poor man’s patent use case
9:30 Card game use case
10:16 Rock paper scissors use case
10:50 Security footage use case
11:57 Using hash functions to make sure nothing has changed

Links I Used In This Video

Text SHA256: https://passwordsgenerator.net/sha256-hash-generator/
Number of SHA256 Identifiers: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49519987/how-many-combinations-does-sha-256-have

What Are Blockchains

What Are Blockchains, What are hash functions? & how can they be used with blockchains?.

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What are hash functions? & how can they be used with blockchains?, Get more replays about What Are Blockchains.

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