What Are NFT Games? Four Games to Play in 2023

What Are NFT Games_ Four Games to Play in 2023

NFT games, or non-fungible tokens, are a new and exciting way to trade digital items. On the blockchain, all items have a unique ID and cannot be copied or counterfeited. Play-to-Earn (P2E) Gaming, which is what the phenomena of NFT Gaming have been nicknamed, is also taking the world by storm while cryptocurrency’s popularity continues to soar.

According to reports by DappRadar and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, gaming accounted for more than half of all blockchain activity in August 2022. This activity resulted in processing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of transactions, which suggests that, despite the market slump, top blockchain games continue to see active participation.

“blockchain gaming” refers to creating a virtual world by combining blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and game mechanics.

These games frequently use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game environment, which can be found anywhere from the player’s avatar to weapons, equipment, skin, or land. NFTs can be incorporated into the game’s laws, among player interactions, or as a reward system.

The ‘play-to-earn’ (P2E) in-game reward scheme enables players to be awarded tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which may be traded either within or outside the game as they progress.

In this kind of gaming environment, the rules of the game and the rewards for playing are implemented through digitally signed contracts called smart contracts.

How Are NFT Games Different From Traditional Games?

How Are NFT Games Different From Traditional Games

While a game like chess or draughts (checkers) is the same regardless of who is playing, a video game can be completely different depending on who you are and how you play it. In NFT games, how players progress through the game– and what they receive along the way– can vary greatly based on their skill level, play style, or mood.

Because of this, a player’s experience in one game can vary greatly from that of another. This is part of what makes NFT gaming so interesting. Each time a player enters the game, they will get a different experience.

The developer designs the rules and rewards to provide the maximum entertainment possible for players based on their progression through different levels and challenges and their performance in matches with other players.

As a result, player-driven game content is an essential component in NFT games. This game content is often produced by players who are rewarded with in-game tokens, sometimes as simple as a new avatar or title that they can choose to use or sell, and sometimes as complicated as the ownership of land or buildings that they can either rent out to other players or sell.

To sum it all up, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are designed to be unique and cannot be copied or counterfeited.

Four Popular NFT Games in 2023

Four Popular NFT Games in 2023


An NFT game known as RobotEra (TARO) allows players to create their own unique adventures inside of a Metaverse universe by using a wide variety of specialized tools.

Players can socialize and compete against one another within the RobotEra metaverse, contributing to the development of a robust community. Considering that RobotEra’s native TARO token was only recently made available for presale, now is a perfect moment to investigate the project.

The numerous in-game assets inside RobotEra take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to maintain their individuality and make trade simpler.

NFTs can take the form of fictitious regions of land referred to as continents and programmable robots that act as companions. As a direct consequence of this change, players can now construct or modify a friend or continent before selling it and making a profit.

A player must have a robot NFT avatar before owning any land in the game. After they have completed these steps, they will either have land airdropped to them or the ability to purchase land through the NFT marketplace that is incorporated into the game.

Within the RobotEra metaverse, a player can go to different regions of land to hunt for different types of resources that can be mined to construct the robot mentioned above, buddy using the robot companion workbench.

In addition, players can use the in-game designer tools to create anything from castles to play-to-earn games to whatever else they can imagine.


A new non-fungible token game called Tamadoge is developing, and the Doge ecosystem heavily influences it. This Tamadoge-themed crypto game is now in the process of being developed as a component of the metaverse. Players will be able to raise new generations of their Tamadoge pets.

Players can also compete against their Tamadoge NFTs in the hopes of climbing to the top of the monthly leaderboard in the game, which will enable them to get access to further rewards.

This game’s features will eventually extend to incorporate augmented reality experiences, enabling players to communicate and collaborate within the metaverse.

Tamadoge has not yet presented its game to the public. However, the project has already produced its native digital token, TAMA. This token’s presale was one of the most successful in the cryptocurrency industry in 2018, raising more than $19 million. Within the Tamadoge ecosystem, the TAMA token serves the purpose of acting as the transactional coin.

In addition, it is a deflationary token, meaning that 5% of the total money is destroyed whenever transactions using TAMA are recorded on the blockchain. OKEx, a top-tier cryptocurrency trading platform, is now offering customer access to the token for purchase.

The next step for Tamadoge will involve releasing its very first limited collection of NFTs. The collection will include 21,100 NFTs, all of which will be arranged according to one of three rarity levels: extremely rare, rare, or common. In the game of Tamadoge, each NFT will come with its own set of special skills and characteristics that can assist players in moving up the scoreboard.

The Telegram channel for this project is where potential investors and gamers can go to learn more about Tamadoge NFTs and the gaming network that will soon be launched. Despite this, Tamadoge possesses all the necessary components to become this category’s top non-fantasy trading card game.


There will be a variety of opinions regarding which game is the best NFT game; nevertheless, no matter what those opinions are, they will always be singular. Silks is an example of a non-flip-to-win (NFT) game. Silks is a game based on the world of thoroughbred horse racing.

The fact that Silks is based on the actual happenings of horse racing is the most important aspect of this game to highlight immediately. If a horse is successful in the real world, its performance will be reflected in the game, and players will have the opportunity to receive rewards.

You can buy, trade, breed, and race thoroughbred racehorses; the prizes come from NFTs. The game provides various opportunities to make money by participating in various activities.

However, to participate in Silks, you will require a Silks Avatar, which can be thought of as the virtual analog of a jockey. There are 10,000 of them, each with its unique characteristics and levels of rarity.

Silks Avatars are necessary because the NFTs are now selling, and more than 65% of them have already been bought.

Given how popular Silks has grown among the cryptocurrency community, it will only last for a while, even making it into the top 10 sports NFTs on OpenSea. It should not come as a surprise, given the advantages of possessing a Silks Avatar and the capabilities offered by the game.

Horses, Stables, and Land are some of the many additional NFT collections available. Every one of these components is extremely important to the game’s overall dynamics.

Consider investing in the Community Horse Farms if you’d rather go about things in a way that requires less time. This will give you NFT incentives you can earn without doing anything active.

The introduction of Silks has brought an exciting new dimension to the realm of NFTs. It may demonstrate the potential of the metaverse for new ventures as well as already-established businesses. Viewing it is worthwhile due to the prizes and the various opportunities to gather NFTs.

Battle Infinity

Another new blockchain project, Battle Infinity, intends to offer several play-to-earn games in which users will be paid with NFTs and cryptocurrencies for participation. Additionally, the metaverse is incorporated into the gameplay and the game’s virtual environment.

The IBAT Premier League is the primary draw for the site. This league allows users to build their own “dream squad” of stars from a specific sport. However, to participate in the IBAT Premier League, participants must purchase an NFT pass.

After that, users will be given a budget to construct their virtual team. NFT passes can be allowed and traded on secondary marketplaces as players progress through the game and win games. Rewards in Battle Infinity come in the form of IBAT, the game’s native digital coin.

Battle Infinity, much to Tamadoge, was able to accomplish its hard cap goal of 16,500 BNB in just 24 days, thanks to its excellent presale. The platform planned for the presale to run for ninety days.

Those unable to participate in the Battle Infinity presale can purchase the game on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange PancakeSwap. Battle Infinity will offer other play-to-earn games that may be played with NFTs in addition to the Premier League, which is already available.

In addition, the platform has ambitions to introduce a built-in decentralized exchange as well as an NFT marketplace. Investors also can purchase IBAT tokens and earn incentives by staking their tokens, which results in passive income for the investor.

Conclusion: It’s a great time to be a gamer.

There is no denying that games have already begun to become an integral part of everyday life. The excitement and fun that come with playing a game can also be incorporated into other aspects of life, with the advent of blockchain-based gaming being one of the most popular trends.

It is not surprising, then, that more and more players are seeing the great potential these platforms provide. Whereas gamers used only to be able to buy games with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, they now have the opportunity to earn new ones by simply playing them.

The best part is that these games are based on actual gameplay. While many people associate “real” with “figuratively” or metaphoric, in this case, the reality is much closer than you think.

These games are built on the blockchain, and no user can cheat the system because it is decentralized. The games and communities where these NFTs are based interact with the real world by providing their users with a new way to create collectibles that can be used to earn rewards.

That’s why we believe that gaming is the next big thing on the blockchain, and we’re thrilled to see how these projects develop as time goes on.

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