What is Bitcoin Mining? (In Plain English)

Published on March 18, 2021

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Bitcoin mining is the process of updating the ledger of Bitcoin transactions known as the blockchain. Mining is done by running extremely powerful computers (known as ASICs) that race against other miners in an attempt to guess a specific number.

The first miner to guess the number gets to update the ledger of transactions and also receives a reward of newly minted Bitcoins (currently the reward is 12.5 Bitcoins).

Today, in order to be profitable with Bitcoin mining you need to invest heavily in equipment, cooling and storage. It’s not possible to mine profitably with a PC or a GPU at home. You can calculate your profitability using a Bitcoin mining calculator.

0:20 – Bitcoin mining in a nutshell
3:13 – Mining difficulty and block time
4:22 – Evolution of Bitcoin mining hardware
6:30 – Bitcoin mining pools
7:24 – Is Bitcoin mining profitable?
10:41 – Other types of mining
13:14 – Frequently asked Questions
15:20 – Conclusion

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Do All Blockchains Require Mining

Do All Blockchains Require Mining, What is Bitcoin Mining? (In Plain English).

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What is Bitcoin Mining? (In Plain English), Enjoy most searched updated videos about Do All Blockchains Require Mining.

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