What Is Crypto Arbitrage And How Does It Work?

What Is Crypto Arbitrage And How Does It Work

Crypto arbitrage is the process of taking advantage of the price differences of identical cryptocurrency pairs on different exchanges. When a price differential exists, it opens an opportunity for a trader to buy on one exchange and sell on another to profit from the difference.

To take advantage of these opportunities, traders must have capital and be aware of market conditions. Cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies can include hedging trades, trading across multiple exchanges at once, or leveraging technology that automates cryptocurrency trading strategies such as bots and algorithms.

If you are a beginner in the crypto world, you might need some help from an experienced trader. Some use bots and algorithms to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. Others employ strategies such as the Spreader strategy simply because they do not have enough capital to trade actively on multiple exchanges.

In this article, we will take a look at how cryptocurrency arbitrage works and how it benefits traders in different ways. We will also introduce you to some of the most common arbitrage trading strategies available today.

What Is Crypto Arbitrage Trading?

What Is Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading is the process in which traders take advantage of price differences between different markets or exchanges. The arbitrageur (or “arbitrageur”) will buy and sell on an exchange, hoping to make a profit on the difference in price between each exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are traded in different ways across exchanges and prices can vary based on a variety of factors including supply, demand, and liquidity. Futures contracts for Bitcoin (BTC) allow for arbitrage trading because the asset is not usually linked to actual bitcoins.

The most traditional way to take advantage of price discrepancies between exchanges is through the buying and selling of crypto on different exchanges.

The arbitrageur buys on one exchange at a price that is lower than that of another exchange, then resells to profit from an upward difference in price. In this way, a trader could profit from a difference in crypto prices as high as USD 200 per BTC.

Arbitrage Trading Strategies

With crypto arbitrage trading, traders can take advantage of speculative movements in cryptocurrency prices. However, other factors also need to be considered such as liquidity, investor behavior, and market conditions. As with any trading strategy, price differences between exchanges must often be narrowed to profit from the difference.

There are several strategies that traders use to account for this. One of the most common is the spreader strategy. In a spreader strategy, the difference between multiple exchanges is closed through a combination of both arbitrage trading on each exchange and trading across multiple exchanges at once.

Despite being one of the oldest known strategies for profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage, spreader trading has attracted many new traders to the market because it is easily accessible compared to other trading strategies.

Spreader trading essentially means that a trader cannot make much profit from an arbitrage (or spread) of just one to two percent. If a spread is larger, however, then the strategy becomes more profitable.

Another strategy is to use bots and trading software to make the automation of trades appear more like human trading. These tools can take into consideration historical data and market conditions such as supply and demand for Bitcoin or ETH to determine when arbitrage opportunities will emerge.

How Does Crypto Arbitrage Trading Work?

How Does Crypto Arbitrage Trading Work

Cryptocurrencies are often bought and sold on different exchanges, leading to price discrepancies. This is where crypto arbitrage trading comes into play.

A trader can buy on one exchange at a lower price and then sell on another exchange at a higher price. This is possible because traders can set up limit orders in both exchanges, which automatically execute trades once the order has been triggered.

Arbitrage trading is an old strategy for profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage. It was first used to buy and sell BTC on various exchanges to profit from the price difference.

Now, this method can be automated using bots and trading software. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies among traders because it is easy to use while still being profitable.

To make a profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage, a trader must be aware of the price movements of cryptocurrencies. Most exchanges provide detailed prices on currencies and offer charts to track these changes. Today, many traders rely on third-party sites to monitor prices and trends.

Types of Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Types of Crypto Arbitrage Trading

Inter-Exchange Arbitrage:

This typically takes place between two or more different cryptocurrency exchanges. It involves buying on one exchange and selling on another, taking advantage of the price difference.

This style of arbitrage takes place within a single exchange. A trader can trade different currency pairs (e.g., BTC/USDT) to profit from the difference in pair prices between the intraday market and other markets, such as the advanced market 10 or 15 minutes into the future.

Triangular Arbitrage:

This type of arbitrage takes place among three or more exchanges. This includes the purchasing of a cryptocurrency on one exchange, selling it on a second exchange, and buying another currency (usually Bitcoin or Ether) with that second currency to sell it again on an exchange. The fact that this kind of arbitrage trading takes place on a single exchange makes it somewhat simpler, although it involves three different types of assets.

Let’s say you have some Bitcoin, some Solano, and some Ethereum. This presents an opportunity for arbitrage, which you can take advantage of to acquire additional Bitcoin if the last two assets on the exchange are priced too low.

For instance, you could use your Bitcoin to purchase some Solana, and then you could use the Solana you purchased to acquire some Ethereum. You then use Ethereum to repurchase Bitcoin, and that concludes the transaction.

You won’t have to worry about moving Ethereum to another exchange or paying those expensive gas fees; instead, you’ll end up with more Bitcoin than you had when you initially acquired Solana.

Because everything takes place on the same exchange, there are no fees associated with making deposits, transfers, or withdrawals.

Statistical Arbitrage:

This type of arbitrage involves the purchase of one cryptocurrency on one exchange, the selling of that currency on a different exchange, and the buying of another cryptocurrency with that second cryptocurrency to sell it again to obtain a price difference.

The beauty of this style of arbitrage is that you’re able to take advantage of price discrepancies without keeping your bitcoin or altcoins in an exchange for too long. As long as you can make your bitcoin or altcoin orders fast enough before the spread closes, you can get a profit.

Spatial Arbitrage:

This type of arbitrage occurs when a trader buys a cryptocurrency on one exchange and sells it on the same exchange. This takes place when there is a price difference between the intraday market and the real-time market.

While spatial arbitrage can be profitable, it is often difficult to achieve unless a trader has very high limits on both exchanges. At that point, they’re able to make more trades without hitting those limits so quickly.

This kind of arbitrage trading takes advantage of disparities in the price of an asset based on differences in the geographic regions of each exchange.

These price differences are caused by the fact that different exchanges are located in different parts of the world. Except for the physical dimension, it is quite similar to the arbitrage that occurs between different exchanges.

Variations in the amount of demand for an asset are one of the things that can drive spatial arbitrage. For instance, if you live in a nation where there is a strong demand for Bitcoin, you have the option of purchasing the cryptocurrency from an exchange that is headquartered in another nation where there is a lower demand for the asset and then selling it on the local exchanges in your nation.

This will result in an immediate profit for you as a stronger demand will lead to an increase in the value of the Bitcoin. 

You are not required to purchase and sell based on real-time prices, which means that you can buy from one exchange and manually move to the other to sell for a profit. Although this may sound like inter-exchange arbitrage, it is not. In this case, you are just moving Bitcoin from one place to another.

Multichain Arbitrage:

This type of arbitrage involves trading on multiple crypto exchanges at the same time across multiple markets on the same exchange. It is essentially a way for traders to arbitrage among different exchanges for a profit by simultaneously trading different assets on the same exchange. Most traders use this style of arbitrage when they want to make the most profit possible.

Future of Crypto Arbitrage

Future of Crypto Arbitrage

Many methods of trading are similar to cryptocurrency arbitrage. However, some complications prevent this method from being utilized as widely as it could be.

A variation of cryptocurrency arbitrage is splitting the difference between the two trades. This involves buying a cryptocurrency at one price on one exchange and selling it at a higher price on another exchange to make a profit using a combination of both options. The difference between the two trades is called the bid-ask spread.

Currently, this type of trading is not very common because you cannot simply make an order to take advantage of the bid-ask spread in most cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Some exchanges allow you to place a limit buy if you think that a currency will be worth more than its current price shortly, but many exchanges do not have this option for limit sales.


Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a technique used by traders to take advantage of price discrepancies between cryptocurrency exchanges and other exchanges.

You can use it to buy cryptocurrency at one exchange, then sell it at a higher price on another exchange. The profit you make will be determined by the difference between the two trades.

This may be the best way to make money trading cryptocurrency: you make a profit off of price discrepancies by buying low and selling high. If a cryptocurrency is trading at a low price on one exchange but you think its value will increase shortly, then you can use your cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies to buy it on another exchange and then sell it back at a higher price.

However, there are some things to consider before trying out this style of arbitrage. You need to focus on your trading platform and also the markets of cryptocurrencies available. You must also think about how fast you will be able to sell cryptocurrency at a higher price if it is trading at a low price on one exchange.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a profitable way of making money when the price disparity between the two exchanges is very little or there aren’t any large differences in the asset’s prices.

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