What Is Decentralized Storage?

Published on August 31, 2021

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It’s no secret that Centralized Storage has issues. One way to fix them is to Decentralize it! Join us for a rundown of projects working towards this goal.

In order to have a truly decentralized blockchain ecosystem we need to have decentralized storage otherwise we’re still relying on a centralized server with one single point of failure. The Equifax data breach and numerous smaller data breaches could have had different outcomes if even while using a centralized server, the individual users had control over their data.

The current way to use cloud storage allows you to store and instantly access your data on remote servers, but these servers are just hardware sitting in a server warehouse. This differs from decentralized storage that has nodes running on multiple computers in multiple locations.

The cloud storage market is estimated to reach $89 billion by 2022, quite a jump from $31 billion in 2017. Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce.com and SAP are the top five cloud storage vendors with Google and Oracle right behind.

So even though using Google Drive is super convenient centralized storage, the hosts can monitor, censor or disclose data to third parties and your data could be lost, altered or scrambled.

Is Private Blockchain Decentralized

Is Private Blockchain Decentralized, What Is Decentralized Storage?.

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What Is Decentralized Storage?, Find new complete videos about Is Private Blockchain Decentralized.

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