What Is TMC NFT?

What is TMC NFT

A website dedicated to the production of memes, MemeChat is responsible for the launch of The Meme Club (TMC), an online marketplace that enables meme creators, collectors, and other interested parties to buy, sell, and exchange memes across international borders using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In this article, we will discuss MemeChat and the TMC. We will also talk about how the TMC works, how to use it, and what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are in the context of the TMC.

A meme is an idea or behavior that spreads, typically via the Internet memes are ideas or images passed from one internet user to another via social networks. There have been many years of unanswered questions and concerns over the beneficial use cases that have the potential to drive the broad adoption of blockchain technology.

2021 may herald a new era for blockchain technology if non-fiat currencies continue to gain popularity. The sale of an NFT art collection by the digital artist Beeple for $69 million set a new benchmark for NFTs and created a new standard for NFTs.

Consequently, many musicians, artists, and producers have begun producing and selling NFTs. An NFT marketplace, on the other hand, is essential for listing your NFT and ensuring that it is user-friendly for trading because it is in a central location.

When it comes to the future of cryptocurrencies, many people are either skeptical or concerned. However, the potential application and the function of NFT is an important factors that will positively affect the adoption of blockchain technology.

Introducing TMC NFT

Introducing TMC NFT

MemeChat is the owner and creator of TMC, a marketplace that facilitates online trading in exchange for NFTs. The Meme Club has been operating since October 15th, 2018, enabling meme sales and purchases across international borders. TMC NFT is a unique location for selling/buying memes based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), similar to ERC721 tokens found on the Ethereum blockchain.

A website dedicated to the production of memes, MemeChat has introduced something called The Meme Club (TMC), which is a platform that enables meme authors, collectors, and other interested parties to acquire and exchange memes internationally using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

TMC will also target cryptocurrency traders who want to profit from the increasing popularity of memes and companies and organizations who want to buy popular memes for their advertising campaigns.

According to Kyle Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer of MemeChat, gaining access to its viral technology is the most significant advantage of becoming a group member. The speaker asserted that the community has the potential to significantly influence viral content, given that its members can vote collectively on viral memes.

TMC allows members of the community to vote collectively on upcoming trends. According to the latter, MemeChat would be the driving force behind an effort to drive memes to a certain pinnacle of their virality.

According to the company, TMC provides its community with a vast array of additional benefits, some of which include online events, airdrops of TMC NFTs, meme community meetups, and a regular supply of items, amongst other things.

The TMC NFT Blockchain

The TMC NFT Blockchain

The NFT blockchain links the items of the TMC platform, allowing users to vote on which memes should be listed and which memes should be removed. NFT is a cryptographic token you can use in many ways on most blockchain platforms.

A non-fungible token (NFT) ‘s job is identifying unique crypto assets. In the case of TMC, it is used primarily to link memes to the blockchain. NFTs are important because they represent a piece of digital media on one platform and a different piece of digital media on another platform. They also help track items that users own digitally.

How Does MemeChat Make Money?

How Does MemeChat Make Money

MemeChat is a for-profit company that sells tokens and charges companies to advertise on MemeChat. Since the launch of its ICO, MemeChat has sold over $6 million worth of TMC NFTs.

The platform charges companies a fixed and variable rate based on how much traffic they can deliver to MemeChat. For example, if an advertiser were to buy a fixed number of impressions on MemeChat, the price would be either $15 or $30.

Meme Chat’s first use case entails introducing NFTs to the public. Most people associate blockchain with virtual currency only used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

It would appear that Memechat’s intention is for corporations and companies to purchase a one-of-a-kind meme NFT from TMC to use in their marketing campaign.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges do include puns and jokes inside their marketing material to engage with customers, which has led to other businesses following suit. Memes are a great method when it comes to keeping people’s attention in this day and age, especially considering how our attention spans compared to goldfish.

Kyle Fernandes noted that the community has the potential to have a significant role in producing content that will go viral. They assert that the community possesses the authority to cast votes in determining what will become the next viral trend.

The Memechat app, which claims to have a technique to make a viral trend achieve its peak or all-time high, will support these trends to ensure its success.


The TMC NFT blockchain is important because it allows the MemeChat platform to link its digital assets on various platforms. The non-fungible token is also essential in keeping track of user data and will be used as a voting token.

The Memechat team believes this system will provide greater convenience for users when collecting and viewing data and voting on items. With this system, anyone interested in memes from one website can move to another website that provides memes from other sources.

The community would determine what trends are the most viral and how they will influence their value on the various platforms that Memecchat owns.

MemeChat stated that its product is ready for its beta launch. The company stated that they have been testing their product in two ways. First, they tested it using a closed beta version, and second, they tested it using a prototype. The company’s CEO stated that with their testing phase completed, the platform is ready to launch soon.

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