Who owns the Blockchain? Public, Private, Standards at NCC 2016

Published on November 11, 2021

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Taking a closer look at the different forms of blockchain (private, public, etc.), its respective merits, demerits, and current standardizations.

Speech: Brian Behlendorf
Speech: Sachiko Yoshihama
Panel: Adam Levine (moderator) Christopher Allen, Brian, Sachiko, Shin’ichiro

These remarks were part of NCC 2016: “The Social Impact of Blockchain” on Friday November 4th, 9am-6pm at DG717, 717 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

This full day conference will explore the Social Impact of Blockchain technologies. Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum – these buzzwords are migrating from geek slang to the dictionary as they define an independent architecture for human trust and exchange. Amidst news of discord and hacking, who is responsible for building a reliable distributed ledger? How can the architecture behind crypto-currency benefit the greatest number of earthlings? Friday 4 November at DG717 in San Francisco, we will take a look at how blockchain could evolve to support or supplant our existing social institutions:

For more information about NCC, visit https://www.dglab.com/en/ncc/

Biographies for presenters:

Shin’ichiro Matsuo, Ph.D. – Research Affiliate- Director’s Liaison for Financial Cryptography, MIT Media Lab, Co-Founder, BSafe.network

Dr. Shin’ichiro Matsuo is a research scientist in cryptography and information security based in Silicon Valley. He is working on maturing Blockchain technology from academia side. He is a research affiliate – Director’s Liaison for Financial Cryptography at MIT Media Lab, research fellow at University of Tokyo and Chief Security Scientist at MagicCube Inc. He is an editorial team member of LEDGER, the first Blockchain academic journal and a program committee member of W3C Blockchains and the Web. Together with Mr. Pindar Wong, he is establishing the BSafe.network to promote applied academic research in blockchain technologies. He is the editor of three ISO/IEC standards.

Dr. Matsuo founded CELLOS, the international consortium for security evaluation of cryptographic protocol and serves as the head of its technical working group for securing cryptographic protocol like TLS. Previously he served as the head of Japanese national body of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27/WG2 for cryptographic techniques, a member of advisory board cryptographic technology for Japanese government. He is the member of IACR, IFCA.

Adam B. Levine – CEO of Tokenly and the Editor-in-Chief of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show

An entrepreneur, a frequent collaborator, asymmetrical strategist, and a tangential thinker, Adam’s other interests include additive manufacturing tech, autonomous systems, new interfaces, open source hardware, and improbable solutions to impossible problems that could change everything.

Sachiko Yoshihama – Manager, Blockchain Technology, IBM Research – Tokyo

Sachiko Yoshihama joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in 2001 after working as a software engineer in a Japanese company. She joined IBM Research – Tokyo in 2003 and worked on research in information security, and moved to the IBM Research Global Labs to define research strategies for developing countries with special focus on Smarter Cities. Currently she is leading the Blockchain Technology team at IBM Research – Tokyo to do research and development of industry solutions and tools using blockchain, and to create new businesses.

Brian Behlendorf – Executive Director, Hyperledger

Brian Behlendorf is the Executive Director of Hyperledger, a collaborative project at the Linux Foundation. Behlendorf was a primary developer of the Apache Web server, the most popular web server software on the Internet, and a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation. He has also served on the board of the Mozilla Foundation since 2003 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation since 2013. He was the founding CTO of CollabNet and CTO of the World Economic Forum. Most recently, Behlendorf was a managing director at Mithril, a global technology investment firm.

What Is Public Blockchain And Private Blockchain

What Is Public Blockchain And Private Blockchain, Who owns the Blockchain? Public, Private, Standards at NCC 2016.

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Who owns the Blockchain? Public, Private, Standards at NCC 2016, Watch more reviews about What Is Public Blockchain And Private Blockchain.

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