Why Is Bitcoin So Volatile?

Published on June 15, 2021

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In this video, I discuss why Bitcoin’s price is so volatile:

1) It is a truly free, decentralized market without any circuit breakers or lock limit moves. It trades globally 24/7 and cannot be shut down by any central bank or government.

2) Bitcoin is a start-up technology with a public, real-time price. If Facebook’s stock had a real-time price when it was at the 2% adoption level, it would be extremely volatile as well. Venture capital and private markets hid the real volatility.

Bitcoin the protocol is extremely stable:

1) It has 99.98% uptime
2) It produces a block every 10 minutes on average, come rain or shine
3) Its future monetary policy is transparent and known by everyone
4) Bitcoin has survived every attack by governments and hackers, in spite of having the largest bug bounty in the world.

Contrast this stability with the instability of politicians, central bankers, and the current fiat financial system.

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Bitcoin adoption growing faster than the internet:

Bitcoin bull market corrections seem to be getting more shallow:

Janet Yellen warns that Bitcoin is inefficient:

The US dollar is really inefficient at holding its value:

Powell admits link between money printing and asset prices:

Square buys more Bitcoin:

Nassim Taleb’s turkey problem:

Nassim Taleb’s Turkey Problem

My favorite Bitcoin dashboard:

Paying for college vs. buying Bitcoin instead:

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Are Blockchain Fully Public

Are Blockchain Fully Public, Why Is Bitcoin So Volatile?.

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